Switches, Outlets & Dimmers n New Jersey AreaSuperPower Services is here to add light switches, install a dimmer switch, or repair any outlet in the Central New Jersey area. Our technicians are experienced in electrical troubleshooting, outlet repair, and lighting installations.

These are not DIY projects, and are best left to trained electricians. Luckily for residents of Monmouth County and the surrounding communities, SuperPower Services is staffed 24/7, and promises “Power at the Speed of Light.”

Are you experiencing any of these electrical issues? These are signs of a potentially dangerous electrical situation:
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Blown fuses
  • Outlets and switches that are warm to the touch
  • Discolored outlets and switches
  • Outlets producing shocks
  • Burning plastic or “rotten egg” smells
  • Electrical shortages

The team at SuperPower Services can troubleshoot and repair any of the above electrical issues. After decades in the business, we have seen and fixed almost every known electrical ailment.

If you are noticing these signs, do not ignore them. It is very important to be proactive about repairing electrical irregularities. Electrical issues will not magically repair themselves, and will only become more dangerous to the homeowner if left unchecked.

Switches by SuperPower

For switch installation and dimmer additions, call on SuperPower. We ensure that your switches are safe and efficient. We offer a variety of switch options to best suit the size of your home, your aesthetic preferences, and your overall utility goals.

Our modern light switch options include popular dimmer switch installations. Dimmers are perfect to set the mood for any occasion. Having the flexibility to transform a room’s lighting to your preference at any time of day offers convenience and optimal control of your surroundings.

Switch Options

  • Conventional Single-pole Switch
  • Three-way and Four-way Switch
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Occupancy Switches
  • Motion Sensing Switches
  • Timer Light Switches
  • Central Lighting Control Systems
  • Wireless Remote Controls

Switch Safety

Lights, outlets, and even the garbage disposal are controlled by switches. If you flip a switch and nothing happens, it’s time to troubleshoot. Some situations can be fixed by the homeowner, but most require a professional.

Feel free to call the office of SuperPower Services for more information about the current electrical issue you are experiencing. We will offer you the best solution on a case-by-case basis.

Be aware of any and all symptoms that a dangerous electrical issue could be lurking. A big warning sign that something is wrong is a warm outlet plate. This can indicate an arcing situation due to loose wiring inside. Do not hesitate to call SuperPower if a switch or switch plate is hot to the touch.

List of Services for Switches, Outlets & Dimmers:

  • Troubleshoot any current electrical problems
  • Repair, install, replace or move electrical outlets and switches
  • Rewiring for single outlets or even whole-home
  • Update home to correct any electrical code violations
  • Adherence to the National Electrical Code (NEC)

SuperPower Services’s electrical services include repair and installation of switches, outlets, and dimmers. We guarantee professional technicians and straightforward pricing in Central New Jersey.

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