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EV Charging StationsTechnology is rapidly altering the way in which we interact with the world. One area where you can really pinpoint how times are changing is in the automotive industry. With the advent of Electric Vehicles (EV), consumers are seeing new possibilities for transportation. Electric Vehicle owners are reducing emissions while driving in style towards the future.

There are many benefits to owning an Electric Vehicle, convenience being a big one. Imagine being able to plug in your vehicle at home instead of pulling up to the pump. It seems almost like science fiction to people still, but trust us, it will become more and more ubiquitous.

In order to address the unique needs of our customers, we offer EV Charging Station installation services in Red Bank and throughout Central New Jersey. While other electrical companies struggle to keep up with the times, SuperPower Services already specializes in this advanced electrical service.

We are factory authorized to install Tesla charging stations. In addition, we install charging stations for other makes and models as well. For all of your EV Charging Station and supply equipment installation needs, work with SuperPower Services in Red Bank, NJ, where we guarantee “Power at the speed of light!”

The Benefits & Basics of EV Supply Equipment

As fuel prices continue to rise, now could be the perfect time for you to purchase an Electric Vehicle. Several states even offer a tax credit as an incentive for your purchase. EV Charging Station installation is essential to owning an Electric Vehicle.

As part of our comprehensive electrical services, SuperPower Services is factory authorized to install Tesla Charging stations. We install chargers for BMW, Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion Hybrid, as well as other makes and models.

Did you know wall connectors are brand specific?

You can’t just use any charger. Not only are the wall connectors brand specific, some of the fast electric car chargers pull 70 amps or more! Depending on your level of charging needs, your electrical panel may need some upgrades.

Prior to the installation of a charging station in your home, Tesla and other manufacturers recommend a load calculation. These calculations are so important to your home that Tesla and other manufacturers require copies of the electrical load calculations to be turned in with installation documents.

SuperPower Services can handle all of these important calculations and ensure a safe and dependable installation. Our technicians are certified and trained in this very service and perform dozens of installations per year in the Central New Jersey area.

Charging on the Go

Charging On The GoIn the United States, Tesla is quickly expanding its Supercharger network. To date, the company has 2,636 Superchargers at 373 locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. And thousands more in Europe. In 2017 alone, they are looking to double the number of Supercharger locations in North America. Tesla is also in talks with gas station chains and grocery stores.

Beyond Tesla, the U.S. Department of Energy states there are about 16,000 electric car charging stations and over 38,000 charging outlets accessible to EV owners. The Electric Vehicle trend will only continue to gain popularity across the globe.

For at-home Charging Station Installation for your specific Electric Vehicle, schedule an appointment with SuperPower Services at any time. If you have questions about EV Charging Stations or upgraded car chargers for your home or business, speak with a professional technician at SuperPower Services. We’re happy to help.

Certified EV Charging Station Installation

SuperPower ServicesSuperPower Services offers on-time service from a licensed professional. Our Straightforward Pricing saves you time and money. You will know the cost of your EV car charger installation to the penny before any work begins.

The technician that is sent to your home is background checked, drug screened, and has received professional training above and beyond their licensed electrical training. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with all of our residential and commercial electrical services.

For more information on EV Charging Stations in your area, call SuperPower Services. We service Red Bank, NJ and surrounding Central New Jersey communities. Family-owned and operated for over two decades, SuperPower Services is your local EV supply equipment specialist.

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