Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair in Central New Jersey

Ceiling Fan InstallationCeiling fans are a great asset in achieving comfort while reducing energy costs. You can raise your thermostat and still stay cool with the help of an economical ceiling fan. What’s really cool is that you can save hundreds of dollars annually on your utility bills by pairing your ceiling fan with a thermostat set at a moderate temperature.

Call Superpower Services for ceiling fan repair and installation services in Central New Jersey. Our licensed technicians are experienced in lighting and ceiling fan projects. We’re a family-owned company that offers a 5-Year Warranty on our residential electrical repair services, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Achieve year-round cooling and comfort with Superpower.

Savings throughout the seasons

Ceiling fans offer year-round savings. By pairing them with a responsibly programmed thermostat, you are able to cut down your dependence on the air conditioning system. The less you use your HVAC unit, the less you pay at the end of the month.

Unless you’re directing a photoshoot, the purpose of a fan is to cool down people and things. Fans cool the bodies in a space, not the space itself. It does this by creating a wind-chill effect through the process of evaporation that helps a body achieve a more desirable temperature. Depending on if the weather is mild enough, you may not need to rely on the air conditioning system at all. And ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer.

Did you know you can use them in the winter as well? Most ceiling fans have a reverse setting that changes the direction of the blades and creates an updraft. This updraft allows for the warm air that concentrates near the ceiling to be pushed downwards and circulate through the room.

Having a ceiling fan installed is a cost-effective investment in whole-home comfort and temperature control, no matter the season.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Tips

  • Ceiling fans should be installed in rooms with 8-foot high (or higher) ceilings.
  • Depending on the size of the space, multiple ceiling fans may work best.
  • Ceiling fans can be stylish! There are many options out there to match the aesthetic of your home. Just make sure it’s both the right look and the appropriate size for the room.
  • Consider the placement of the ceiling fan. For example, it should be installed away from the desk in your office, where lightweight objects (like papers) sit.
  • A quieter ceiling fan may cost more money, but is often worth it, as a fan with a smoother operation and longer lifespan is more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing a ceiling fan—they are 20% more efficient.

Ceiling fans require work with electrical wiring and need to be installed by a professional electrician. Beyond ceiling fan installation, SuperPower Services can also repair, relocate, or troubleshoot any issue with your existing ceiling fans. If your fan is wobbling or making too much noise, we can have the issue fixed in no time.

One way to avoid wobbly or noisy fans in the first place, is to have them expertly installed. Located in Red Bank, SuperPower Services services Monmouth County and the entire Central New Jersey area. From circuit breakers to ceiling fans, call Superpower: Your local electrical contractor since 1994.

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